Fall Automotive Service

Fall Automotive Service

Get your car ready for fall and winter with expert service at Pro-Tech Tire & Auto in Barrie, Ontario

Pro-Tech Tire & Auto in Barrie will expertly service your vehicle for fall and winter driving

Fall is here and there's no better time to prepare your vehicle for winter.
During winter, your vehicle could be damaged in many ways and you don't want to wait until the snow arrives to make preparations.
Snow and ice will cover everything but when that happens you'll be ready to face it with Pro-Tech's Fall Automotive Services.

As if snow and ice weren't enough, mud and slush can be tracked onto your vehicles floor and no one likes dirty floors.
For winter, you could switch your floor mats with winter floor mats made of thick rubber and designed with deep grooves to keep mud and slush from staining your carpets.

With snow everywhere and your vehicle being outside most of the time, driving or parked, there will be built up snow covering up your windows.
This is where your windshield wipers would come in handy but if your windshield wipers are old they could be overworked and damaged.
At Pro-Tech Auto, you can have your wiper blades replaced if necessary and it's also a great idea to get your wiper fluid changed to a formula that won't freeze in the cold.

Similar to your wipers, your car battery could be overworked because colder climates cause your battery to be drained and the engine needs more juice to start up. If your battery is older, you should have your battery checked to see if it holds enough charge to make it through winter, if it doesn't, then it's time for a replacement.

Oil is vitally important to your engine and it needs to be fresh and clean.
Since the winter months make oil thicker and causes strain on your engine when starting, it may be a good idea to get new oil that will become runnier when cold so your engine can perform flawlessly.

While it's fall, you should have your vehicles defrosters and heaters inspected before you need to rely on them. You need to make sure they're not malfunctioning but if they are, you can have them fixed.
It's also a good idea to have your coolant system checked because it helps your engine perform properly in the winter.

Lastly, winter tires are the most important part of your vehicle so you need to make sure they're fit for driving on roads of ice and snow and that they properly stop, steers and accelerates.
Also available, are studs for your winter tires to add friction to your tire so you won't slip and slide on ice.

Call Pro-Tech Tire & Auto for more information.

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